Legally Momming “A Mom Divided”

By Melissa Keyes, Lawyer Mom

Being a working mom is no joke. There is the ever-present mom guilt; the fact that you end up working the equivalent of two full-time jobs; and oh the exhaustion. One of the most interesting aspects of being a working mom is separating those titles – “working” and “mom” on a daily basis. I love being a mom. I also love being an attorney. When I’m at work, I use my brain in a much different way than I do when I’m home “momming.” I curse appropriately and often, I advocate like a badass, I joke with colleagues and yes, make regular Seinfeld references. I happen to work in a very male-dominated profession where this behavior is not only expected, it’s encouraged. Being a woman in a position of authority makes it all the more necessary for me to ingratiate myself as “one of the guys.” I also happen to work for and with an amazing group of women who understand the pressures and expectations of also being a mom. I thankfully have flexibility and understanding when the inevitable sick kid or school closure comes up.

As I’m writing this, I’m also what feels like 9,000 weeks pregnant with my second child. With my due date drawing ever closer, I started thinking about the balance of being a working mom, especially of a newborn. There has been an interesting trend in work-life balance where moms of newborns or very young children bring their tots with them to work. Visions of moms baby-wearing during meetings, nursing while on a conference call, and changing dirty diapers in the company bathroom come to mind. As a working mom of a soon-to-be newborn, the idea is exciting. Could I make this work? What would happen when Working George and Mom George collide? 

More to come . . .