Networking Secrets

(net) Work, (net) Work, (net) Work, (net) Work, (net) Work

Love it or hate it? Networking is very polarizing- like eating leftovers or spending time in a basement? (Love both for the record). I love to network. I am outgoing and I love to connecting with new folks and connecting them to new opportunities and folks. But it’s not for everyone. Here are some ways Indy Working Moms can get it done . . .

Before the event. . .

Set a goal. Make a target for how many true connections you want to make before you leave.

Create discussion points. Check out IndyStar or IBJ to have some current events top of mind for discussion pieces. Have a list of 3 go to questions you can ask anyone you meet. Some of my go-to’s include:

  • Are you from Indy? What brought you to town?
  • Do you have any fun plans for this season? Travel? Events? Movies?
  • What part of the city do you live? What do you enjoy most about that area?

There are lots of options for events and organizations around town. Here are some great ones to explore:

Housewives in the City Indianapolis

Junior League of Indianapolis

Indy Chamber


Start up Ladies

Network of Women in Business

Indy At Work’s list for Networking Groups for Ladies is top notch- anyone interested in joining me for the Women in Manufacturing group?

Brazen’s blog post from ‘15 has great options, like Network After Work.

Great perspective on the most important rule of networking by Marissa Levin and featured in Inc. See it here

Happy connecting!


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