3 Ways to Sneak in Kiddo QT during the Work Week

Quality time is my love language so I am always searching for ways to lessen my mom guilt and invest precious time into my family connections. Here are 3 local ideas . . 

  • Make the most of your commute to school/care.

You can tack on another 10-30 min to the commute and add in some fun- one of my favorite growing up in Indy was the old Mike's and now Crew Carwash and all of their stuffed animals. I take donuts to customer so its' an easy way to add on some time but grabbing some holes for my munchkin at Dunkin Donuts, Jack's, or Longs. After work, hitting a playground or trail can be a fun add-on during the nicer months. Our favorite is feeding the coy at the Japanese Friendship Garden behind City Hall in Carmel. In addition to dance parties (we are jamming to Raffi, Today’s Top Hits and How Far I Go channels on Pandora as of late) I recommend saving the The Indianapolis Public Library's Call-a-Story Line on your phone 317.275.9007. See their line-up for local celebs and which books they are reading here.

Japanese Friendship Garden in Carmel

Japanese Friendship Garden in Carmel

  • Go BIG at bath time.


Stock up on soap finger paints, glow sticks, bubbles, color tablets  and join them in the some make believe or game fun. Splash- get wet, throw down some old towels and break out the squirt guns. 

Krissy, from B-inspired Mama, shares 22 Activities to Make Bath Time Fun. Ice fishing?!? Genius. 

  • Teach them a skill.

Show them how to make a ninja mask out of a t-shirt here. Share a new game- card, board or old school game like Ghosts in the graveyard, Gold Rush, 52 Card Pick Up or host a Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. Practice life skills like mailing letters, wrapping presents, kitchen or household tasks. ThirtyHandmadeDays offers a great list of practical skills by age here


Great perspective from Fast Company Second Shift article by Lauren Vanderkam. I agree with the daycare and housekeeping musts and when the workload is heavier so is the need for takeout and Amazon Prime :)


Have a good week, Mamas!


What did I miss?