13 Amazing Family Films

I don’t know about you but I don’t get out to the movies very often these days. Mostly it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime and DVR’ed flicks from Freeform. Which means lots of Trolls and Moana.

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Growing up I watched a lot of Dirty Dancing and April Fool’s Day- both inappropriate children’s films. Gotta love the 80’s. Here are some of my top picks for movie time with kiddos . . .

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  • Kicking and Screaming- Soccer families? The one liners in this are endless. Giving your kids vitamins in the morning? We have BALLS!!! . . . . and VITAMINS!!! Or on the way out the door to practice, “ Meat first, then soccer!!”
  • Elf - It’s a holiday tradition in our house to watch this hilarious classic the day after Thanksgiving why we put up the Christmas tree. We have the soundtrack and love to jam to Pennies from Heaven in the car. Shooby doobie.
  • Wizard of Oz - Classic fun for everyone- angry trees throwing apples, flying monkeys, melting witches, singing and dancing!
  • Labyrinth- Puppets, David Bowie in tight pants and disappearing babies. Mysterious, fun for all.

Some of my favorites for Hoosiers include:

  • Hoosiers- classic high school hoops tale of greatness
  • Rudy- Indiana college football at it’s finest
  • A Christmas Story - we can all relate to Alfie’s mom not being able to sit down and enjoy her hot dinner

The older kids will love . . .

  • Goonies- Truffle Shuffle!!!
  • Princess Bride - If only I could answer my spouse’s request with, “As you wish.” ;)
  • Parent Trap- the scene where Sharon meets her mom for the first time is a good pull on the heart strings
  • Swiss Family Robinson- Riding an ostrich on the beach and pirates
  • Watcher in the Woods- I love this one- scary stuff! Old creepy houses, Betty Davis and a vortex

Disney obviously gives us endless options for great family flicks, but my favorite is . . . 

Ratatouille- No love story or fairy tale. A tale of overcoming a HUGE challenge and lots of hard work. And food. “Anyone can cook!” (I use this multiple times when family members look at me around meal time)

My top Mom Movies are . . .

  • Working Girl- the walking shoes? The shoulders pads? Carly Simon and the Staten Island Ferry?
  • Baby Boom- Shows the drastic change from doing my own thing to motherhood. Entrepreneurship, hard work, negotiation and grit.
  • Joy- The final negotiation scene. Mic drop.

Pop some popcorn, snuggle up and enjoy, Mamas!

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