Most Popular Family Outings for September

It’s a glorious September in Indy. The Fall fun is just beginning. Here are our top picks for fun this month . . .

Working Mamas of Indianapolis BEST EVENT in SEPTEMBER is . . . . .

Apple Picking at Stuckey Farms



Tube slide is fun for all ages

"Gene and Rosalyn Stuckey loved fresh-picked apples and fresh-pressed cider, but orchards wer few and far between near Indianapolis. They thought they’d remedy that by planting a few trees in 1969. Now Jeff and Shannon Pierce and their sons continue their legacy of quality, friendliness and love for the land that makes Stuckey Farm such a wonderful place." (courtesy of their company brochure)

Pick fresh fruit and veggies, take a wagon ride, play on the playground and giant tube slide and shop LOCAL (love the donuts and bees making honey) in their store.

Our runner up is . . . .

Horseback Riding at FT. Ben Harrison with Hoosier Trail Rides.

Hoosier Trail Rides.jpg

“We are extremely honored to be in this list! We pride ourselves on how healthy our horses are and how well behaved they are! We are always very diligent in making sure everyone knows what to do while out on the trail and we are always watching and helping when we can! We want everyone to have a fun ride and rules are a part of that ☺️ we love showing people how fun horseback riding can be! And love when people are nervous at first but come off their horse smiling from ear to ear and having changed their mind on horses!! Children as young as 6 can ride the trail. We are one of the only state parks that allows 6 year olds due to our safety rating. A lot of our horses have been doing this job for a long time so they know the trail and they know their job!”- Hoosier Trail Rides.

Other options for fun adventures . . .

Roman and Leo.jpg

Friday night lights HS Football, Saturday College Game Days or Sunday Colts Parties. These are perfect for the little dudes Roman & Leo jammies and the Manning families kids book The Family Huddle.

A day trip to Nashville (when there is not a home IU football game) is great weekend trip. Check out the changing leaves- go hiking, horseback riding @ Rawhide Ranch, shopping downtown and hit the Nashville house for Fried biscuits and apple butter.

So long are the days of flipping through gigantic September issues of fashion magazines. (I highly recommend the September Issue documentary o if you are looking for a chick flick after the kids go to bed).

Enjoy a wonderful September in Indy, Mamas!

What did I miss? What would you add?

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