Can’t Miss Family Events for October

Our top pick for family fun in October is . . .

The Children’s Museum’s Haunted House.  54 years and running strong the Children's Museum Guild continues to put on the outstanding all ages Halloween celebration. This year they take us into the Wicked Woods. 

Next up is Connor Prairie's Headless Horseman. The haunted hayride is the highlight of the evening (go early when the sun is out or for a scary ride when its dark) but lots of fun with the monster mash dance tent, fortune telling, face painting, movies, drum circles, food and more. Members get in free on certain nights and the insider tip is to go the first Thursday they open when its less crowded to get a better pick on a hayride time. 

This wonderful time of year when . . .

  • Leaves change
  • Fall Festivals galore 
  • Picking apples and carving pumpkins
  • Dress up the kiddos and hit the local Trunk or Treats (Indy with Kids guide is great if you don't have a local go-to) 
  • Sweater weather
  • Snuggling up with a Halloween movie like Hocus Pocus (thank you FreeForm 13 nights of Halloween schedule)
Apple picking at Stuckey Farms

Apple picking at Stuckey Farms

I enjoy all the Pinterest Fall Bucket Lists ( but not sure about you but I don't think I am going to get to making Pumpkin Egg Rolls this year). 

The Indianapolis Moms Blog has a great Fall List from '16.  Number #30 is booked for our family on 10/21 and then off to Costco to print my holiday cards. Number #36 is a great idea for our families, our community and our souls. 

For the Indy Working Mom our Fall List is a bit different. Enjoy!

  1. Check your investment portfolio as you head into the 4th quarter

  2. Make chili and enjoy with boxed wine

  3. Rake leaves, take Instagram picture, let kids take some hearty jumps

  4. Call your mom/sister/best friend and enjoy a heartfelt conversation and laughter

  5. Flirt with your partner or someone with potential for the single ladies ;0 (bonus points if you have a babysitter and are enjoying a meal out on the town)

  6. Create phenomenal customer proposal to close new business partnership

  7. Eat carmel apples

  8. Buy Halloween candy and costumes

  9. Put a glow in the dark cobweb across front porch

Garage Halloween Party with the Neighbors

Garage Halloween Party with the Neighbors

Soak up the joy of the four seasons in Indiana, ladies. We know the snow is coming next.

Happy Fall!

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