The Working Mom Project: Part 3 Favorite Me-Time Activities

  • "Exercise." Melissa Keyes, Indianapolis, IN, Attorney and Mom to 2
  • "Grocery Shopping!Nina Johnson-Pitt, Greenfield, Director for Little League Baseball and Mom to 2
  • "Massages, getting my nails done. I love to read, but have a hard time sitting still to read much these days. Always so much to do, by the time I relax, I like to just watch some TV - currently watching Mad Men, never watched while it aired." Meghan Harrison, Carmel, Realtor/Entreprenuer and Mom to 2
  • "Meditating, reading, drinking tea, doing yoga, walking or running, writing and painting." Elena Landa, Indianapolis, Teacher/Author/Entreprenuer and Mom to 1
  • "Sitting in the car listening to NPR.Caroline Pflum, Carmel, Project Manager and Mom to 2
  • "Time with some of my closest friends. I meet up with a group of girlfriends at Luciana’s once a month to split a pitcher of Sangria and eat all the chips and queso we can inhale, all while laughing about our lives and helping each other stay sane as working moms and wives. It’s monthly therapy." Anne Marie Wilson, Indianapolis, Content Director and Mom to 2
  • "Reading and bubble baths." Suzy Joyce, Carmel, IN, Sales Professional and Mother/Stepmom of 3
  • "Girls dinners with friends, swimming, walking, and almost any spa." Katie James, Noblesville, Realtor and Mom to 2
  • "Girls night out or relaxing and watching a movie with my husband after the kids go to bed." Rebecca Welch, Indianapolis, Photographer and Mom to 4
  • "I play in a women’s rooftop hockey league and that seems to be my favorite thing to do for myself right now." Meredith Howell, Indianapolis,  Assistant Director for Visually Impaired Preschool Services and Mom to 2
  • "Singing." Melanie Balog, Fishers, Realtor and Mom of 2
  • "I've always loved to pamper myself and promised that I would continue to make time for myself after my son was born. I treat myself to a weekly mani/pedi and schedule a 60 minute massage every few months." Tahwii Spicer, Indianapolis, Entreprenuer and Mom to 2.
  • "Mani/Pedi, grabbing Starbucks Coffee, Travel, Perusing Design Magazines." Danielle Myers, Noblesville, Designer and Mother of 3
  • "I recently have taken up running.  It is a great stress reliever.  I also cherish just being able to relax in the evening and just watch a T.V. show.  We are so busy as a family with work, running the older one to practice and games, homework, housework, packing lunches, playdates, keeping the house stocked with food and other necessities, paying the bills, busy with LIFE.  I am usually just too tired by the time the day is done to do anything but just crash and sleep.  If I can squeeze in a Walking Dead episode though - wow what a treat!" Amy Lenceski, Carmel, Attorney and Mom to 2
  • "A perfect day for me would be to head to the local movie theater, get a huge thing of popcorn and a really cold coke and escape in a movie!" Amanda Moore, Fishers, Indiana, Director of Leadership Development, Diversity and Inclusion and Global Strategies for the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis and Mom to 2.
  • "Hmm…I don’t get a lot of that. Probably getting out my sketch book and creating something for someone. I love giving especially when it is a piece of art work I was able to create." Aleasha Rivers, Indianapolis, Entreprenuer and Mom to 2
  • "When I get some me-time I like to read, binge some shows, and nap. (And now- wander around IKEA!) I also have some random side hobbies- painting furniture and making homemade water kefir." Carly Grennes, Meridian Hills, Associate Direct of Academic Advising for the Kelley School of Business at IUPUI and Mom to 1


Happy Relaxing, Mamas!

What are you doing to relax and have fun these days?