Playroom Organization: A Pro tackles the chaos

Chaos. Pure, toy chaos. That was our play space before Audra came into my life. Audra, is a local working mom and professional organizer. After our basement remodel I was excited to create the ultimate play space for our family and create a place to host extended friends and family. At one of the Urban Chalkboard's Thursday $5 family night I had a chance to learn about Organized Impressions and was excited to have Audra work some magic on our new space.

She did a home walk thru and came up with an action plan for my most hectic spots (playroom, kitchen pantry and toddler clothes storage). She made recommendations for products and handed the plan over for me to implement (Audra is available to execute, I just love to organize and preferred to do the projects myself).

Step 1 Purge. Ah, I love this part. I did a massive overhaul of the whole house (minus the garage) earlier this year so this time was a light walk thru. Lots of toys and clothes went out the door ( a mix of hand me downs and donations) and I will try to keep a tighter rein on what comes into the house.

Step 2: Create activity zones to maintain order, encourage independent play and provide easy clean up. Set up zones

  • Active: Tumbling mats, basketball hoop, sports equipment outside of gym room
  • Dramatic play: Dress-up, kitchen, tent, barbies
  • Transportation: Cars, car track, trucks, mat, trains  
  • Manipulatives: Tools, legos
  • Creative/Sensory: Art supplies, science materials
  • Games: Video game console, board games

Step 3: Additional areas/goals -Pantry Install shelving and storage system and hang weekly menu plan board. Children’s clothing system for closets.

So far the kids are loving the space. The girls (12 and 10) are always whipping up some slime or doing science experiments in the "creative corner" and my little dude (3) is loving the dress up clothes on the hooks. Lots of ninja turtle and transformer dress up these days ;) 

Optimus Prime reporting for duty

Optimus Prime reporting for duty

Next up, the garage. That  will be a huuuuge project. 

Happy organizing, Mamas!

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