Working Mama Spotlight on Amy Lenceski

Amy Headshot.jpg

Where are you from: I was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Where do you live now: I live in Carmel, Indiana.  I never saw myself here, but it is the perfect place for my husband and I. He grew up in New Castle, Indiana and prefers a smaller city.  I need to feel close to a big city and its amenities!  

Education: 16 years of Catholic education, plus law school at I.U. McKinney in downtown Indianapolis.  

Career: I am an attorney.  I've been practicing for almost 4 years.  It is a second career.  I love it, because I'm never bored.    

Family life:  Joe and I have been married for 15 years and have 2 adorable kiddos, ages 3 and 11.  My law degree and law license were like our second child.  Many people cannot fathom having two children so far apart in age.  But, I cannot imagine it any other way.  They are so sweet and cute with each other.  I love our family and the age difference of our children.  We also have a lizard named Bingo who we adopted from the elementary school. 

Favorite Indy Eats:  That's a difficult question because I do not eat out much.  I'm committed to eating homemade kale and spinach salads everyday to save money and stay healthy.  But, I love Muldoon's in downtown Carmel, and Arnie's on 96th.

Favorite family fun spot/activity: Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park.  It is my favorite place to go in all of Indianapolis.  I grew up close to there.  It is near and dear to my heart.    

Favorite "me-time" activity: I recently have taken up running.  It is a great stress reliever.  I also cherish just being able to relax in the evening and just watch a T.V. show.  We are so busy as a family with work, running the older one to practice and games, homework, housework, packing lunches, playdates, keeping the house stocked with food and other necessities, paying the bills, busy with LIFE.  I am usually just too tired by the time the day is done to do anything but just crash and sleep.  If I can squeeze in a Walking Dead episode though - wow what a treat!   

What are you reading right now? I read emails.  Lots of freakin' emails.  And statutes. Seriously, on my nightstand one will find "Hillbilly Elegy", which I started a couple of months ago but have not finished. I toggle through Google news daily. 

Best Mom Moment: I think I have an awesome Mom moment everyday...these kiddos of mine are just amazing and I am so grateful for them.  I cannot pick one moment.    


Career Highlight(s): Passing the Indiana Bar Exam on the first try.  And, I would rather eat gravel every day for the rest of my life than take it again.  

What you love about being a Hoosier? I know this place like the back of my hand.  

As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?  A lawyer.  Or an artist.  

Where you want to be in 10 years?  I'm happy where I'm at.  We will likely stay here in Carmel.  When our nest empties, it may be hard on me, and therefore, I'd like a Florida condo at some point.  That should make things easier.  :)  

My biggest mistake:  It took me a long time to appreciate all of the things my parents gave to me when I was growing up. I just had no idea how generous and how good they really were until I was a grown woman.  I am grateful that I've been able to thank them in my adult life for all that they did for me when I was young.

Career/Parenting advice you would like to share with other working mamas:  Take help when it is offered.  Find help, even if it is just a friend watching your kids for an hour or two while you catch up on errands.  Needing help does not mean that you are weak or cannot manage this whole operation of being a working mama.  We cannot do it all alone!        

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