10 Essential Ways to Invest in Home Reno

Basement Reno

Basement Reno

By Katie James, The Boyd Team

1.) Kitchen Remodel - Updates/Upgrades

2.) Bathroom Remodel - Updates/Upgrades

** 2 1/2.) Finishing an Unfinished Basement 

3.) Roof/Windows - if needed 

4.) Major Mechanicals - if needed (HVAC, water heaters, water softened, etc) 

5.) Appliances 

6.) Carpet/Flooring - Updates/Upgrades

7.) Landscaping - Curb Appeal 

8.) Back Decks/Patios -Hardscaping/Landscaping 

9.) Fixtures - Lighting 

10.) Misc - Adding Stone Veneer, Painting (interior/exterior), etc

Ranked, in my opinion, most to least return for value...another thing to keep in mind is just because you put money into your home doesn't mean you will get a dollar for dollar return when you go to sell it.  People often very quickly and easily confuse that point. It will help your overall value and it tends to help shorten your time on market. Typically the less time on the market (days on market) the higher the sales price achieved!