Working Mama Spotlight on Rebecca Welch

Photo by Olive Branch Photography

Photo by Olive Branch Photography

Where are you from:  Virginia

Where do you live now:  Indianapolis

Career:  I work at a local university and I also run my photography business, Rebecca Welch Photography.

Family life:  Married to my awesome husband for 14 years.  We have 4 kids ages 13, 11, 7, and 5.

Favorite Indy Eats:  We eat at a lot of places where kids eat from, but one of my favorites is Los Rancheros or any Mexican place.

Favorite family fun spot/activity:  Family vacations to get away and relax are always the best.  Locally, we like the zoo, Indians games, and fun with family and friends.

Favorite "me-time" activity:  Girls night out or relaxing and watching a movie with my husband after the kids go to bed.

What are you reading right now?  I read a lot of photography stuff.  There is always something new to learn!

Best Mom Moment:  The birth of my 4 babies, the hugs, and the "I love yous."

Career Highlight(s):  I was recently  nominated as one of the top photographers in the Fishers and Noblesville area by Hulafrog.  That was such a surprise and honor!!!

What you love about being a Hoosier?   I grew up in Virginia and went to college in Florida and lived there for a few year afterwards.  I really miss Florida and living near the beach.  You can ask my husband, I would never admit to being a Hoosier, but I guess I am.  I've lived here for 16 years now.  

As a child, what did you want to be when you grow up?  An art teacher or graphic designer

Where you want to be in 10 years?  I will probably be doing a lot of the same things.  I would love to grow my photography business some more.  My youngest will be 15 in 10 years so we'll probably still be a busy family.  In 20 years, I would like to be living near a beach and have some grandkids to spoil.

My biggest mistake:  Always do what is best for you and/or your family.  God first, and then family.  Everything else will fall into place.

Career/Parenting advice you would like to share with other working mamas:  Everyone always asks me how I do it (working full time, photography business, husband, and 4 kids).  I don't really know.  I do know that it takes organization, patience, wonderful support of family and friends, and lack of sleep.  I am tired...very tired, but it is worth it.

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