Memory Lane: Growing up in Indy

I loved growing up in Indianapolis. Thank you, parents! I am grateful for a wonderful childhood and am very appreciative of the city where I got my roots. Let’s roll down memory lane, shall we, fellow Indy natives?

The Children’s Museum- We are so fortunate to have one of the world’s bests children's museum in our city. From field trips to special events, experiences here are a big part of my childhood memories. My favorite was the haunted house- it was actually a house in the 80’s! Read about this fundraiser’s rich history here.  You can find all the old exhibits from our childhood here- the Cave, Scienceworks, Muppets and more here

Broad Ripple- the park and its playground, library and the summer reading program (loved the free pizzas from Pizza Hut's Book It program) and the Tin Star restaurant. It was always a treat to go out to dinner and get locked up in a jail cell in the basement.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Tin Star Photo Courtesy of Alan Hague and the Broad Ripple Gazette

Tin Star Photo Courtesy of Alan Hague and the Broad Ripple Gazette

Paramount Music Palace- the BEST place to celebrate a birthday. Pizza, organ music, bubbles and requesting your favorite jams.

Roller Skating Parties at USA Skates- Good times in the birthday circles  doing the hokey pokey with the dinosaur on skates.


Benjamin Harrison Home-Lots of field trips and making wooden toy soldier ornaments around the holidays.

Glendale Mall -  shopping and a trip to Hot Sam’s for a snack.

Hot Sam.jpg

Haunted Houses at closed Steak and Ale’s



Karma Music- Buying the latest single cassette tapes at Karma Music. Check out Indy Star’s coverage of this 30 year old Indy biz here.

Ambassadair trips- I would flip thru the catalog over toaster strudels in the morning and dream about all the places I wanted to visit.

Thunder Island Water Park- Check out Ronny Salerno's blog post on Queen City Discovery about exploring the grounds. 


Check out Movoto’s  25 Things you’ll never see in Indy again - From the Hoosier Dome to Rosylnn bakery (tea cookies!) #13 will make you laugh out loud :) 


What did I miss? Any Indy nostalgia you want to share?


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