Busy Moms Finding Balance: 3 Tips on How to "Get It All Done" and Not Lose Your Mind


Tip One: You need to be mentally and physically healthy to take care of others. Moving your body, fueling your body with good foods, and learning something daily is critical to helping take care of your family. When your tank is “full”, you can give so much more.  Wake up an hour earlier (or 30 minutes, if you are really sleep deprived) and do something for YOU before your kids are up.  Workout using Beachbody On Demand (BOD) from the comfort of your own home!  BOD offers a wide array of fun, fast and effective workouts for all abilities that you can stream to your home TV, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  At home workouts are a game changer in our opinion, as getting to the gym is sometimes tough to do.  If at home isn't for you, walk outside, on a track or hit the stairs at work. Kudos if you can make it to an outside exercise group class- whatever works for you. Every. day. 

Tip Two: Plan ahead for a busy day; prep the night before.  Pack up lunches, healthy snacks, lay out clothes for workouts, work, school, and set up a dinner menu, even prep ingredients the night before your hectic day.  This will allow you to be able to manage any morning hiccups more easily, and if something gets derailed during the day, you know that you will be able to still eat well and that everyone is dressed :) .

Tip Three: Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Messy house?  Unfolded Laundry? Have to say no to an event or activity?  DON’T WORRY.  Everyone has the same amount of time in the day.  And YOU get to choose how you spend it.  And there will be some things that have to give.  But when you prioritize and decide what is important to you, you can let the other items or tasks slide and not feel as stressed about them.  

Really what this all boils down to is giving yourself some grace.  You don’t have to do-it-all, be-it-all, even though we put pressure on ourselves to do just that.  Once you start to implement these tips above, you will see a shift in your perspective and feel a bit more balanced.  Erica and Leslie both know this first hand, and would love to help you in your health and wellness journey.  

Coach Leslie and Coach Erica

Coach Leslie and Coach Erica

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A little about us.  Erica Molina is a super mom, Certified Financial Planner, working in a leadership role at a major financial firm in Phoenix, AZ.  With a 1st grade son, and pre-K daughter, her days are filled with making sure everyone gets to school, work and activities on time. Leslie O’Brien is the volunteer extraordinaire in Broomfield, CO, dedicating her time to helping non-profits/causes that are near and dear to her and her family. Leslie has a 1st grader daughter, and a pre-K daughter.  Both Erica and Leslie have found that navigating motherhood is WAY better when they take care of themselves. That’s how they found Beachbody and their coaching (which we both are coaches, helping inspire and motivate others to better themselves and their lives).  Erica and Leslie workout daily, eat healthy foods (mostly- hey you gotta live a little), and better themselves with personal development books.  While none of this is rocket science, it is easy to overlook the “self” in self-care, and prioritize your family’s needs over your own.