Farmer’s Markets: There’s an app for that


We are a farmer’s market family. On Saturday mornings we pack into the car with our shopping bags and head to our local farmer’s market. We shop (flowers, fresh veggies), eat (slushies, breakfast brats from the Lion’s Club and specialty donuts from the Flying Cupcake) and have some quality family time.


Meet Market Wagon.

Nick Carter and Dan Brunner launched Market Wagon in 2016 and now bring the farmer’s market to your door. Market Wagon's mission is to enable food producers to thrive in their local and regional markets.

We recently shopped some of our local favorites and had no problem paying the $5.95 home delivery fee to have these local goodies deposited at our doorstep. In the modern grocery wars I am happy to support local farms and artisans thru this service.


Working Moms can use this service for . . .

  • Family food shopping- we sourced meat, sauces (love, love, love Some Like Its Hot Diablo Salsa, Nicole-Taylor's meat sauce and Hazel's signature chili sauce) and ready to go meals for upcoming business overnight travels

  • Gifts - corporate thank you's, holidays and new baby meals ( we have a stash of Local Motive Meals in our freezer)

  • Wellness- corporate programs available for office delivery for employees 
  • Fundraising- schools, sports teams and local non-profits looking for cash? Market Wagon offers gift certifcates for silent auctions.
  • Side hustle- have a product you sell? Sign up as vendor here
Our first Market Wagon haul. 

Our first Market Wagon haul. 

Here are two of our local favorites, Traders Point Creamery and Cafe Baby’s insights on being a part of this online Farmer’s Market.

Traders Point Creamery

Why did you decide to be a vendor with Market Wagon?  We relish the opportunity to partner with Market Wagon since they help us deliver our clean line of products in a convenient and timely manner.

Best part of being a part of an online farmer's market?  Many times, it's not always "easy" to source clean products effectively and quickly - by being a part of an online farmer's market, this really helps to streamline the process so that it eliminates many of the otherwise existing hurdles to get these quality products in our consumers' homes.

Favorite item you offer Market Wagon shoppers?  Toughie, but if we had to choose - our farmstead cottage cheese.  This has proven to be a fan favorite - and even though all of our products are made in-house, this one is particularly special because it is truly an artisan item in that it is packed by hand by our dedicated cheesemongers.

Across the board, from big grocery and smaller co-ops, we are seeing such a push to, "Eat Local."  We've been encouraging this principle since our inception, so we are very thankful to have partners like Market Wagon who not only emphasize, but also facilitate the importance of this practice.

Cafe Baby


We decided to be a vendor with Market Wagon because our core values align so closely with theirs.  We want to be able to conveniently provide fresh food to busy parents in this fast-paced world that we live in, especially for their little ones.  

We also wanted to offer another option for parents, who may not want to sign up for home delivery, to be able to purchase our products.  I think the best part of being in an online farmers market is that you know the people who have come to the website already appreciate local, hand-made, home-grown products.  You don't have to do any convincing because they already have made it a priority to eat fresh and unprocessed foods.  It's also great for the customer because it's a one-stop-shop for all things local in Indy and they know they're supporting local businesses when they make their purchase.  

My favorite item is our Mommy's Milk Lactation Cookies because they are near and dear to my heart.  I had a hard time nursing my daughter and I came across these in my research when I almost lost my milk supply.  When we started Cafe Baby, I wanted to have these to help prevent moms from going through what I did.  My mom's favorite product is the Roasted Banana and Pear puree since she loves anything with banana in it.  

I’m a working mom and I know how stressful it is to make it to the grocery store and meal plan every week.  Market Wagon is a fantastic resource for moms to be able to do all of their shopping online and have one less place to run through the week.  They know the products they are getting was harvested days ago, made in a small batch, or made by hand and not machinery.
— Jeannie, Cafe Baby

Download the app today and get shopping. Take $15 off your first order for $30 or more using promo code WORKINGMAMAS18

Are your favorite farmer’s market vendors on the list? See their current partners here.

Shop and ENJOY local, Indy Mamas!


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