One Simple Question to Uncover your Unique Value for your Job Search

By Meg Applegate, Certified Resume Writer at Hinge Resume Collaborative

Being unique is hard. Take it from the frog.

After spreading out our library book haul recently, my three-year-old son and I read book after plastic-covered book. At the bottom of the pile was Dev Petty's, "I Don't Want To Be A Frog" which is about, you guessed it, a frog exclaiming he doesn't want to be a frog! Instead, he wants to be a whole host of other animals with their unique capabilities. The frog thinks he is too wet, too slimy and too full of bugs.

But you know what? The story ends with his three unique features saving his life from a big, hairy wolf looking for lunch!

Aren't we just like the frog? Looking left and right in our workplace, the job applicant pool and our personal lives. We are comparing (and perhaps complaining) about our distinct qualities. We would rather be like the people around us rather than different.


In the job search, sameness doesn’t make you stand out, it is your differences that set you apart! You need to own and articulate what makes you unique from resume to interview. How?

Make it easy to spot your qualifications and accomplishments on your resume. Draw attention to them! Rouse your reader with your career story instead of inviting them to nap between the lines. Research indicates you have approximately six seconds to make an impression with your resume so create a compelling narrative!


Replace dense paragraphs describing your professional accomplishments with bulleted, lean, achievement-driven statements by sharing the challenges you faced, the action you took to tackle the challenge and your results.

How do you get from paragraph to bullet point? Keep asking yourself: "So what?" For example: I help customers on the phone and increase customer satisfaction.

So what?

I created a procedure for call handling to ensure calls aren't missed.

So what?

I did this so well I was asked to create the customer satisfaction function of our company improving missed customer calls.

And so on. Boil it down to quantifiable, difference-making bullet points. See the difference?

❌ Assisted customers on the phone and increased customer satisfaction.

✅ Decreased missed inbound calls by 30% in six weeks by developing a new call handling standard operating procedure (SOP).

Resume writing is hard work, but be patient with yourself. Remember to be like the frog: Dare to stand out, not blend in! Showcase your unique value in your resume and on LinkedIn as it relates to your work and job target. Speak it out loud as you network and in your interviews. It may be the very thing that lands you the role.

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