About Working Mamas of Indy

Working Mamas of Indianapolis is an online destination for Indy working mothers. We are also a private Facebook group where you are free to discuss topics with other local moms and share insight, ask questions and find answers! 

Our 8-5’s (or night shifts, or part-time or side hustles) are a big part of our lives, efforts and identities. We will discuss changing industries, continuing education, networking, recruiters, compensation negotiation and wonderful, family friendly work environments in Indy.

Kids change our lives forever and we love to dish on kiddos and the wild parenting journey. We will discuss everything kids-  from mom brags,  to favorite recipes, bedtime routines and quality time challenges.

I grew up in Indy and we are going to explore every part of our city that can offer our families incredible experiences and memories.

Join the conversation today. Events. Careers. Kiddos. Indy. Working Mamas of Indianapolis- your go to digital hub for friendship, conversation and the scoop on working mom life in Indy.

About ME - The Founder

I am a working mother with a career in publishing and sales. I graduated from Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!) and have worked in various publishing and business to business sales roles within manufacturing . I feel very lucky to be at a point in my career where I am able to work remotely, balance business travel and family. Born and raised a Hoosier, I have settled into life in Carmel, IN after stints in Phoenix, AZ, Montpellier, France and the Big Apple. My husband, Scott, and I adore our son Lucas and his daughters, Addison and Olivia.

Favorite family activities include scavenger hunts, games, making cupcakes and attending local holiday events (can’t miss the hayride with the Headless Horseman). I enjoy Bikram yoga, anything Broadway, reality TV and fun projects- like Working Mama.

About the Children's Series

Just like the song, “She works hard for the Money,” Working Mama illustrates that while it’s challenging, moms can balance work, home, fun and the joy of being a parent. 

Working Mama is a contribution to the conversation about gender in the workplace and at home. Told from the child’s point of view, this story exposes children to the realities of modern life with two working parents contributing equally to common household responsibilities. The gender gap is narrowing in the distribution of household labor and it will continue to get smaller as we educate our young ones.

Working Mama shows how a career and an equal partner can flood a home with love, laughter and joy.  

COMING SOON: My Mommy is a Lawyer